Jane's workplace caused
daily headaches.

The problem was a noisy work environment with common office noise levels of 50 to 60 decibels – levels known to increase fatigue among workers – which often result in increased stress and illness, including more missed work days and lower job satisfaction.

The fix came from designing an office space with materials that absorb, block or cover noise and reduce noise disturbances. Sound-absorbing ceiling materials that combine the best acoustics with extraordinary aesthetics reduce the impact of sounds bouncing off the ceiling in an open office environment.

Distracting office noise was
causing disruptions for Mike.

The problem was distracting noise that interrupted tasks on a daily basis. When an office worker is distracted by noise – whether conversation or a vacuum cleaner – it can take up to 15 minutes to restore concentration. Distractions and interruptions are most detrimental for complex cognitive tasks with high information processing demands.

The fix came from designing office spaces with improved acoustical conditions. Effective acoustic design in office environments benefits work performance and worker comfort. When designed appropriately, improved acoustics can increase a worker's ability to focus on tasks
by 48 percent.

  • El Paso Corporation
    (Now Kinder-Morgan)

    Houston, Texas

    The 32-story headquarters of El Paso Corporation was located in a 48-year-old building in Houston, Texas. The plan, developed by global design firm Gensler, included changing to an open-plan design. To meet project requirements and ensure maximum acoustical performance, CertainTeed worked closely with an acoustical consultant and the project architect. The project also required high-performing green products that would best contribute to LEED credits. To achieve an optimal level of sustainability, an environmental consultant joined the team for the design and build-out phases.

  • WMMR Radio Studio
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Philadelphia rock station WMMR needed an additional studio for its popular morning program, which frequently featured live, on-air musical performances. The new studio, located on the third and fourth floors of a six-floor office building, had to meet the acoustical requirements of a live performance while remaining acoustically isolated from other office building occupants. A 2" thick composite fiberglass/mineral ceiling panel was used to achieve superior sound absorption and containment in one ceiling tile. The space was tested with 105 decibels of noise directed at each surface in the room, and the materials exceeded expectations. Providing a top-notch acoustical environment, the new studio is a hit with both the staff and station management - as well as neighbors, who don't hear a thing.

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