video-templeBen Franklin High School Case StudyWATCH VIDEO > Students and teachers at a blue-ribbon New Orleans high school are reporting a calmer, quieter learning environment following recent acoustical renovations that leveraged high-performance products and technical expertise from CertainTeed Ceilings. Part of ongoing sustainability updates at the school, VOC-compliant fiberglass ceiling panels and sound absorbent wall panels were recently installed to optimize Environmental Acoustics™ Design in two key classrooms, creating comfortable and engaging learning spaces. video-templeSchool of Visual Arts Case StudyWATCH VIDEO > New York City's School of Visual Arts engaged architecture and interior design firm Spacesmith, LLP to remodel a 5,000-square-foot space, including a 55-seat radial auditorium with audiovisual capabilities. Aesthetical excellence and a good acoustical strategy were crucial for creating an effective learning environment. Spacesmith consulted CertainTeed Ceilings for help in selecting acoustical wall and ceiling materials. The architect chose Gyptone® BIG™ Sixto 65, a new large-format perforated gypsum acoustical panel. The ½" board was bent to match the design of the room and provide the desired sound containment.
video-templeTemple University Case Study WATCH VIDEO > Temple University students and faculty struggled to hear what was being said in their classroom in the new Architecture Building. Concrete floors and ceilings that were open to the structure were all sound reflective, compromising speech intelligibility. CertainTeed Ceilings worked directly with Facilities Management program students to identify a solution and install Ecophon® Texona Wall Panels. The improvement in classroom acoustics was immediate. video-templeTexas Children's Hospital Case StudyWATCH VIDEO > Inventure Design created the interior of The Pavilion for Women, an addition to the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, Texas, with contemporary aesthetics as well as acoustics conducive to a multi-disciplinary medical care center. The maternity hospital interior called for accessible ceilings with soft curves and a stepped installation on the first, third and fourth floors. These ceiling height changes required a ceiling panel that would be easy to cut and install in the field. The designers chose the Ecophon® Focus™ Ds high-density fiberglass ceiling panels, which met the project's visual and performance requirements. The panels are highly sound absorbent (0.85 NRC), can be cleanly cut into any shape, have high light reflectivity (85%) and give the ceiling a clean, bright appearance.
video-templeTED Talk: Why Architects Need To Use Their EarsWATCH VIDEO >Because of poor acoustics, students in classrooms miss 50 percent of what their teachers say and patients in hospitals have trouble sleeping because they continually feel stressed. Julian Treasure sounds a call to action for designers to pay attention to the “invisible architecture” of sound. video-templeAIA Down With Decibels VideoWATCH VIDEO > What does it take to save the world one decibel at a time? See how booth visitors responded to the “Down with Decibels” movement at AIA 2014. video-templeAcoustics Bulletin YouTube ChannelLEARN MORE > Did you know that at this moment we have more than
130 videos about sound and acoustics available on Acoustic Bulletin's YouTube channel? You can use these for inspiration and to increase your competence, as well as include in education and training when you want to raise awareness about acoustics.

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